Drum Beat Web TV Episode 11

Welcome to DrumBeat Web TV Episode 11 – DrumBeat News Vol 11 No 11: Click the video below – It’s fun, educational, and free! Then, take a moment to post a comment in the box below and let me know what you think of the show. Thanks! Tiger Bill

This episode features the benefits of drumming without tension to your chops and your health, lesson on music theory, optimum sticking for a fast Four Stroke Ruff, new giveaway contests and more – Expert Drumming Tips

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DrumBeat Web TV: Episode 11:
Produced by: Tiger Bill Meligari at TigerMix.com, Inc. Studios NJ USA
Video by: Tiger Bill
Music by: Tiger Bill – Composed using Sonicfire Pro 5

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I hope you enjoy the show and the links! Please let me know what you think by posting your comment below.

Until Next Time: Keep safe, have fun, and stay loose!
Tiger Bill

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