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Drummers Wish List is Back!
My Online Drum Store at DrummersWishList.com was down briefly last month for a software upgrade and to apologize for any inconvenience, I’ve got some coupon codes you can use when you checkout, anytime during the month of March, that will save you up to $25.00.

To use them after you’ve added what you want to the Shopping Cart, just click on “View Cart” and enter one of the codes in the Coupon Code box. You will see the amount deducted from your total.

Here are the codes that are valid through the month of March:
1- Save $5 on any order of $50 or more, enter code: XN6ZPW1JX
2- Save $10 on any order of $90 or more, enter code: TFAT15211T28K
3- Save $10 on any In-Studio or Online Drum Lessons costing $70 or more, enter code: WRYLH8A603C09

If you have any questions while in my Drum Shop, just click on the new Live Chat button and you’ll be able to talk to me live. (That was one of the software upgrades!) So visit DrummersWishList.com and check it out.

And stay tuned for the grand re-opening of TensionFreeDrumming.com. I’m working hard to bring you the most comprehensive education drum site on the Web. And one that is truly unique. One low monthly fee virtually replaces the cost of expensive private lessons as you will be able to learn everything you need to know whether you are a beginner or a working pro.

Lessons will cover music notation reading and drum chart interpretation, coordination and independence, grooves in all popular styles, drum fills and extended solos, tension free hand and foot techniques, music business tips and tricks, and everything you need to know to become the best working drummer you can be.

One low monthly fee lets you tap into my 30 plus years of knowledge and experience in the drumming business. Stay tuned for the grand re-opening and watch this newsletter for a special offer.

Enjoy the rest of the newsletter and I’ll see you online!

What DrumHeads Are Saying…

Tiger Bill,

Thank you very much! You’ve got the best Drumming website. I could spend days looking at all the info you provide. Your information has helped this 56 year old (young) drummer to improve with age!

Thank you for all your hard work.

Tom Wellander

(Note: Above quote used with permission.)

Congrats to the Winners of Last Month’s Contests!

And a Huge THANK YOU! to the following companies for donating last month’s prizes:

ALFRED PUBLISHING The New Frontier For Drumset by Marko Djordjevic Book

HUDSON MUSIC A Day in the Recording Studio by Mark Schulman DVD

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CLICK HERE for a chance to win: Journey: Ultimate Drum Play-Along Book with 2 CDs, courtesy of Alfred Publishing

CLICK HERE for a chance to win: The Art of Playing Brushes DVD, courtesy of Hudson Music

Note: You must live in the USA or Canada to be eligible to enter these contests.

Featured SOLO SPOTS!

How To Develop Hand Speed and Control. Seven years ago when I first started my Speed Lesson column for the DRUM! Website, the first five lessons were produced using music notation and an audio track. (MIDI actually!) DRUM! is re-presenting all of my lessons starting with the very first one. But this time around, I will be re-producing the initial lessons with Video. I will also be adding additional tips and exercise material to the lessons as we go along. This is lesson #1. I hope you enjoy it!

The Three Building Blocks of Chops. Here’s my original DRUM! Magazine Lesson #2, updated. Have fun!

Save $40 when you buy both volumes of my Concepts of Tension Free Drumming: Hand Technique!

Tiger Bill’s Latest Bottom Line Reviews

Journey Ultimate Drum Play-Along Book and CDs

A Day in the Recording Studio – DVD by Mark Schulman

Wicked Beats – Jamaican SKA, Rocksteady and Reggae Drumming – DVD

Led Zeppelin Vol 1 Ultimate Drum Play-Along Book and CDs

Led Zeppelin Vol 2 Ultimate Drum Play-Along Book and CDs

The New Frontier for Drumset Book Book by Marko Djordjevic

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Click Here for DrumHead Central the forum where you can view or post questions about drummers, drums, drumming, and gear! Check it out by sampling some of our recent topics below.

Joe Morello RIP.

Teaching Swing question from forum member Cody.

Too Old to Rock? What do you think? Question from Foursticks.

Drum Gear Review by Forum Members

Click Here for Drum Gear Reviews the forum where you can view or write a review on drum gear that you love or hate!

New Tama Iron Cobra Pedals Review Question by site member latinoff.


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Mallet Percussionists this Forum is for YOU! View or post any questions you have about mallet percussion and our in-house expert James Walker will help you.


This is the place to go when you want to blow off some steam! You can talk about anything but drums, but please be nice – sharing your opinions are welcome, flaming is not!

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