DrumBeat News Vol 8 No 3: Put Some Ki in Your Drumming

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Back already? I guess you’re wondering why so soon? The fact is that I was quite a bit late getting last month’s newsletter out due to all of the website changes. But, barring any unforeseen catastrophe, I will normally be posting a new newsletter in the first week of each month. This one is actually on time!

So what is this Ki in Drumming stuff all about? Well, if you’re into the martial arts you probably hae heard of Ki. If not, it’s pronounced ‘Key’ or ‘Chee’ (depending on the style of martial art) and it represents the life force that can be generated and controlled through the practice of martial arts. I apply Ki not only in martial arts but in all areas of my life including my concepts of Tension Free Drumming.

Flash back to my performance at Bruce Aitken’s Cape Breton International Drum Festival: If you click the previous link you’ll notice that I opened my segment not by juggling drumsticks but by juggling some Kali sticks, which are basically weapons of the Filipino Martial Arts. I did this to demonstrate how martial art warm-ups can be ideal for warming up your drumming muscles. After my performance, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a large number of audience members were also martial artist-drummers. So not everyone in the place thought I had lost lost my mind by putting on a martial arts exhibition at a drum show!

Speaking of martial artist-drummers, you probably know that the late, great Buddy Rich was a martial artist but did you know that the great Louie Bellson (who passed away last month) was a martial artist too? I believe that is one of the reasons why he was such a great drummer.

During one of our drumming workouts Louie brought up the fact that he studied Aikido, which is a Japanese martial art that literally translated means Ai (harmony), Ki (spirit) Do (way of). In brief, students of Aikido (and many other martial art forms) are taught that your life force (Ki) is centered in your abdomen and radiates from there. Louie said that he applied that principle every time he played his drums. He also said that he never said anything about it to his students because, as he put it, “Could you imagine what they would have thought if I started talking about life force coming out of your abdomen way back in those days, before most people had ever heard of martial arts much less of Aikido?”

I understood exactly where he was coming from and I knew that the reason he shared it with me was because he knew that I was into martial arts and would understand. That and the fact that it was then the 1970s, more than a decade since Bruce Lee first turned the world on to the martial arts!

I also realized that Louie’s study of Aikido was the reason for his incredible positive personality, which emanated from him like a beacon as I said in last month’s Video Recollection of Louie. Just after his passing, one of my site members sent me a YouTube video of one of the last filmed performances of Louie taken in 2008. And, although his performance behind a big band was no longer what we have become used to seeing from him, when you realize the fact that (aside from his age) he had been battling Parkinson’s Disease for many years – it was a true miracle that he could play at all!

I am certain that what helped Louie remain as functional as he did, right to the end, was his knowledge and application of the principles of Ki, which he learned from Aikido.

A student recently asked if he needed to study martial arts to be able to learn my Concepts of Tension Free Drumming and I said that it was not necessary. And although it isn’t, it certainly wouldn’t hurt. And the side benefits of studying a martial art and the principles of Ki, go far beyond its application in drumming! Ki has the power to reshape your entire life. Google it and check it out for yourself.

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From: tim ironmonger
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hi tiger bill just received my dvd anton fig in the groove that i won on your contest site and it is a great dvd with x-lent ideas and tips.. and i have been playing for 40 years (i started when i was 7) and still get excited to learn new ideas to drumming thanks bill cheers tim ironmonger

(Note: Above quote used with permission.)

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