DrumBeat News Vol 9 No 11: Lunch and Black Friday Sale Issue

Tiger Bill Talk

Watch Tiger Bill’s Advanced Hand Technique DVD Trailer…
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Official Release Date: November 16th.
Limited-Time Pre-Release Discount Available Now!

Let’s Do Lunch!
Aside from watching a student, who is just at the point of really understanding my Tension Free Concepts, as it all comes together and the separate techniques become one synergistic movement, the most fun I have is hanging with drumheads and talking drums. That’s why I enjoy doing drum clinics and festivals so much. There’s nothing better than meeting new drumheads, hearing them play, learning about their gear setups, etc.

Well on December 4th, to celebrate the release of my latest DVD Tiger Bill’s Concepts of Tension Free Drumming Volume 2: Advanced Hand Technique, I’m inviting you to have lunch with me so we can get the chance to know one another better while we share ideas about drums and drumming. After lunch I have some really cool drum stuff to give away, courtesy of some of my terrific sponsors, and after that Ill be teaching a hands-on Master class on Tension Free Drumming. So I’m looking to having a real blast.

The Masterclass/Drum clinic starts at 2 PM and is free but, if you’d like to join me for lunch at Noon and get in on the drum giveaways, you’ll need you to
Follow this link and register. The $10 fee covers your share of the food and drinks. Your ticket also puts you in the running for the cool door prizes.

Time/Date: Saturday, December 4th from Noon until 4 PM if you want to join us for lunch and the free giveaways. If you just want the Free Drum Clinic then you can join us from 2 PM to 4 PM.

So if you’re going to be around on December 4th I hope you’ll join me for 4 hours of drum fun.

Location: The Fusion Cafe, which is located in the Butler Church of the Nazarene in Butler, New Jersey. Take Route 23 North into Butler and take the Kinnelon/Kiel Road exit. Turn right and take two quick lefts into the church parking lot. If you have a GPS, key in 10 Jerico Road, Butler, NJ.

And if you’re wondering what’s on my latest DVD, here’s just some of the cool stuff I’ve included – and I’m not just demonstrating things in high speed to show off – everything is broken down and explained in extreme detail so you can actually learn how to do it without the help of a live instructor:
1. Advanced Finger Techniques
2. Finger Glide
3. Stick Walking
4. Secret to Playing Tension Free
5. Straight Arm Technique
6. Modified Moeller Arm Whip
7. Accenting Methods
8. Advanced Gladstone Stroke
9. Roll Techniques
10. Grace Note Rudiments
11. One-Handed Rolls
12. Cymbal Time
13. Wrist / Finger / Arm Combinations
14. And much, much more!

I hope to see you at the DVD Release Party and… Oh, I almost forgot! There’s a special limited-time discount available right now that will save you some big bucks. So if you’re interested in picking up my latest Tension Free Drumming Advanced Hand Technique DVD or both volumes together, click the link below. It will never cost you less to learn Tension Free Drumming than now. Think of it as a sort of extended Black Friday sale but I can only keep it going for a limited time, so don’t miss out.

Click here to pick up your Double “Black Friday” Sale on both Tension Free Drumming DVDs.

Click here to pick up your “Black Friday” Sale on Volume 2 of Tension Free Drumming: Advanced Hand Technique.

Have Fun, Stay loose, and Enjoy the rest of the newsletter!

What DrumHeads Are Saying…

Chances are if you have a pulse, you have heard of Tiger Bill. If you have not,
stop reading now, have your vitals checked and get yer butt over to www.tigerbill.com.
Not only is Tiger one of the most talented and recognizable drummers in the industry,
but he is by far one of the drumming industry’s best friends.

Sean Mitchell – Publisher of The Black Page

Tiger Bill Interviewed in The Black Page

Tiger Bill Interviewed in The Black Page

Click Here for Sean’s Interview with Tiger Bill.

(Note: Above quote used with permission.)

Congrats to the Winners of Last Month’s Contests!

And a Huge THANK YOU! to the following companies for donating last month’s prizes:

ALFRED PUBLISHING On the Beaten Path Beginning Drumset Course Level 2by Rich Lackowski Book and CD

HUDSON MUSIC Modern Drummer Festival 2010 DVD

STICKS N SKINS Stick ‘n’ Skins by Jules Follett Coffee Table Book

Enter Our November Contest for Your Chance to Win these Cool, Valuable Prizes!

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CLICK HERE for a chance to win The Breakbeat Bible Book and CD by Mike Adamo, courtesy of Hudson Music

CLICK HERE for a chance to win Sticks ‘n’ Skins Coffee Table Book by Jules Follett, courtesy of Fotos by Follett

Note: You must live in the USA or Canada to be eligible to enter these contests.

Featured SOLO SPOTS!

Tiger Bill’s Video Speed Lessons.

Save $15 on Volume 2 of Tiger Bill’s Concepts of Tension Free Drumming Advanced Hand Technique!

Save $40 when you purchase both Volumes 1 and 2 of Tiger Bill’s Concepts of Tension Free Drumming: Hand Technique!

Upcoming Drum Clinics, Concerts, and Events!

December 4th – Tiger Bill’s Tension Free Drumming Master Class for those of you on the East Coast!
Tiger Bill’s Master Class and DVD Release Party Butler, New Jersey – Clinic begins at 2 PM but lunch with the Tiger and valuable drum giveaways begins at NOON. Click the link to register.

Tiger Bill’s Latest Bottom Line Reviews

Rich Lackowski’s News Series On The Beaten Path – Beginning Drumset Course Level 1 to 3

Mike Adamo’s The Breakbeat Bible

Jules Follet’s Sticks ‘N’ Skins

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Until next time:
Stay Well, Stay Loose, and I’ll see you online!
Tiger Bill

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