DrumBeat News Vol 9 No 4: Reduce Your Stress

Tiger Bill Talk

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Learn a Quick and Effective Technique to Reduce Your Stress!

April is stress awareness month and if you have ever experienced stress and it’s bad side effects, you owe it to yourself to check out the video above where I demonstrate a simple method of relieving stress whenever you feel it coming on. The technique is also useful against stage fright.

I’ve got a lot going as this final week of April rolls into May from lessons with a student from France who came out to learn my Modified Moeller technique to the final wrap-up of some long awaited Tension Free Drumming products to some cool gigs in New York.

If you find yourself in the Big Apple on Monday night, April 26, stop into the Iridium Jazz Club at 1650 Broadway (51st. St) New York, NY if you get the chance. I’m appearing there with classic rocker Vince Martell Band for two shows. The first is at 8 PM and the second show starts at 10 PM. So stop in and enjoy a cool mix of Rock and some Jazz too and don’t forget to say Hey!

And if you can’t make one of those shows, you can catch me in Concert with Vince at the Riverdale Y. This is benefit for Haiti is at 5625 Arlington Avenue in the Bronx, New York on Saturday May 1st. Show time is 9 PM. You can also catch me on Sunday May 16 for the Annual Bayfest Outdoor FREE CONCERT from 12 to 6 PM, which stars Vince Martell along with many special guests. The outdoor bandstand will be on Emmons Avenue near the Marina Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY. If you can make it out to any of these, please stop by and say Hey!

Gotta go and get ready for tonight’s gig now, so please check out the rest of the newsletter.

Until next time – Have Fun, Stay Well, and Stay Loose.

What DrumHeads Are Saying…

Subject: RE: Congrats from TigerBill’s DrumBeat


Thank you for the copy of the “Rhythmic Designs” book/DVD. It’s great. I really like Gavin Harrison’s approach to drumming and music. I’m sure it will keep me busy for quite some time, just as your web site and instructions have been doing.

Best Regards,
Robert Frazier

(Note: Above quote used with permission.)

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