DrumBeat Web TV Episode 18 – Cup Song Parody

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Welcome to DrumBeat Web TV Episode 18 – ZORO – DrumBeat News Vol 12 No 6: Click the video below and have fun, and you might even learn a thing or two! This episode features author, educator, inspirational motivator, and session/touring drummer, ZORO, how to improve your Flam Tap speed, Tiger Bill’s take on Anna Kendrick’s Cup Song, giveaway contest and more – Expert Drumming Tips! Tiger Bill

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DrumBeat Web TV: Episode 18:
Produced by: Tiger Bill Meligari at TigerMix.com, Inc. Studios NJ USA
Video by: Tiger Bill
Music by: Tiger Bill – Composed using Sonicfire Pro 5

Here are all the links I refer to in Episode 18 that you’ll want to visit:

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I hope you enjoy the links and the show! Please let me know what you think by posting your comment below. I produce this show strictly for YOUR edutainment so if there’s something you’d like to see on a future episode, please let me know!

Until Next Time: Keep safe, have fun, and stay loose!
Tiger Bill

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  • Chuck CAsillas

    Great show! Is your drum clinc schedule published on your website anywhere?

    • Hey Chuck, thanks so much for the good word! My clinic schedule is not posted but if you send an email to info@tigerbill.com with the subject “Tiger Bill Clinics” you’ll receive an email whenever a new one comes around. Thanks again!

  • Jim Wilcox

    Thanks for another great show. I loved the Sammy Davis piece. I had forgotten he was a drummer as well as a fantastic singer. Keep up the great work. The west coast loves your work.

    • Hey Jim, Thanks so much.
      Yup, Sammy was a real talented cat and, as both a tap dancer and big fan of Buddy’s, you can hear Buddy’s (tap-dancing-drumming) influence on Sammy’s drumming as well!

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