Meet the Physician Musician!

Hey, it’s really a blast to hear from former students and especially satisfying when they are doing well!

I recently heard from Dave Bollard, my very first student, who is now a doctor with a highly successful practice. But through all of that, he never lost his love for drumming and never stopped practicing or playing in various bands. And now, alongside his physician gig, he is the drumming force behind an exception group of musicians known as Out Of Truth, backup band for rising young singer Elisa Girlando!

I recently caught a performance at a club in New York called Bodles Opera House. Despite battling a bad flu, combined with a case of nerves that results when former instructors are in an audience, Dave did an excellent job of powering the band. Following are some excerpts I caught on videotape.

Elisa Girlando and Out Of Truth – Soundcheck
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Elisa Girlando and Out Of Truth – Something’s Got a Hold On Me
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If you dig the band and Elisa’s vocals, I suggest you check out her full-length debut CD that was just released this month and is being distributed by the Sony-Red label.

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