DrumBeat News Vol 10 No 9: Free Drum Chops Evaluation

Tiger Bill Talk

Click the video that follows to see the Trailer for DrumBeat Fest 2011 – Tribute to Joe Morello.

Although its too late to join us for the live event, it was recorded live and you can still watch nearly 3 hours of it for only $5.00 at the following link:

The live event featured a Free Drum Skills Evaluation by yours truly where I could show you, in less than 60 seconds, exactly what you’ll need to do to take your drumming to the next level. And it also featured clinics and performances by Joe’s other top students including John Riley, Steve Fidyk, and more? It was a great day for drumming with valuable door prizes provided by our generous sponsors which included Alfred Publishing, Axis Percussion, Coady Clutch, DRUM! Magazine, DW, LP, Pro-Mark, Remo, Sabian, Vater, Yamaha, and Zildjian.

Never before have so many of Joe’s top students gathered in the same place at the same time and it will probably never happen again, so although you missed your chance to learn the secrets behind Joe Morello’s amazing techniques at the live event, you can still view the recorded version! Get access now, as an instant download: http://www.drummerswishlist.com/tickets-to-online-drumbeat-fest-2011-tribute-to-joe-morello/

View nearly 3 hours of the event online now for only $5:
Click here for your ticket to the Online DrumBeat Fest and enjoy it instantly from anywhere in the world.

Well, that’s all for now…
Have fun, stay loose, enjoy the rest of the newsletter and, like I said, it’s too late for you to join the live event but I know you won’t want to miss the taped event of our Tribute to Joe Morello. Get it now for only $5.00 at: Click here for your ticket to the Online DrumBeat Fest

Tiger Bill

What DrumHeads Are Saying…

Thank you Bill.
I am not only learning but also got inspired a lot from your teaching.


(Note: Above quote used with permission.)

Congrats to the Winners of Last Month’s Contests!

And a Huge THANK YOU! to the following for donating last month’s prizes:

ALFRED PUBLISHING Joe McCarthy’s Afro-Cuban Big Band Play-Along DVD

Enter Our September Contest for Your Chance to Win these Cool, Valuable Prizes!

CLICK HERE for a chance to win: Gannin Arnold Project – 5 World Class Drummers DVD, courtesy of Alfred Publishing

And offered again, in honor of Joe Morello:
CLICK HERE for a chance to win: Evolution of Jazz Drumming by Danny Gottlieb book with DVD, courtesy of Hudson Music

Note: You must live in the USA or Canada to be eligible to enter these contests.

Featured SOLO SPOTS!

Triplet Stroke Roll for Wrist and Finger Chops. The re-presentation of my Speed Lessons at DRUM! Magazine continues. Enjoy the all-new Video and additional drills and tips that expand on my original lessons. Have fun and stay loose!

Click here to take your drumming to the next level and Save $30.00 when you purchase Tiger Bill’s Tension Free Drumming Hand Technique DVD 2-Volume Set.

If you couldn’t make it to DrumBeat Fest Live, Click here for instant access to the recorded version and learn the secrets behind Joe Morello’s amazing technique.

Tiger Bill’s Latest Bottom Line Reviews

Gannin Arnold Project – 5 World Class Drummers DVD

Evolution of Jazz Drumming by Danny Gottlieb book with DVD

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Maybe size does matter? How big is your hi-hat? from forum member Tea Bag.

I invite you to join us in our Online Tribute to Joe Morello – Play your drums for Joe!.

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Tiger Bill

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