The Swine Flu Hoax?

On Monday April 27th, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised its pandemic alert level to four on its six-level threat scale, which means that the virus is capable of human-to-human transmission. On Wednesday April 29th, they raised it to level 5. And while leading experts around the world are trying to predict just how deadly this new pandemic will be, President Obama called it a “serious situation” and pressed congress to earmark $1.5 billion dollars in funding and released federal stockpiles of drugs to fight the disease.

But before we all start to panic, let’s examine the facts. On April 28th US health authorities reported 65 confirmed cases of the Swine Flu (technically known as H1N1 flu), which has killed 7 people in Mexico as of this writing according to the CDC (not the erroneous 160 deaths reported by many news sources). Most of the cases in the USA have been relatively mild, with only a few people requiring hospitalization. On April 29th while news sources widely reported the first death in the USA, the 23-month-old toddler is one who came from Mexico for treatment. Yes, people are dying and even the loss of one person is cause for concern but, so far, there really isn’t any evidence to suggest that this will be anything out of the norm. US health authorities themselves estimate that about 35,000 people die annually in a regular US influenza season. So why the latest panic?

The Swine Flu scare is nothing new. Those of you who are old enough to remember back to 1976 (I, of course, was a mere babe-in-arms at the time!) will recall the first Swine Flu warning, which drove a massive Flu vaccine campaign. After the smoke cleared, one person had died as a result of the Swine Flu but 25 deaths were attributed to the vaccine itself! Shortly after that, insurance claims totaling $1.3 billion were filed by the several hundred victims who suffered paralysis from the vaccine including many formerly healthy 20-year-olds who ended up as paraplegics!

So I’m not so sure if we should be afraid of the Swine Flu or more afraid of the vaccine that is supposed to prevent it!

Call me a skeptic but I’m one of those people who believe that the number one priority of any pharmaceutical company is to the bottom line – profit! I sincerely believe that our actual health is, at best, second on their list. And a world-wide pandemic certainly would tend to increase their profit margin!

Now I’m no Kreskin but my prediction is that after this “pandemic” is over, the outcome will be much the same as it was during the false alarm of 1976. Although I certainly hope that the vaccine doesn’t do as much damage as it did back then!

So what do I plan to do in the face of this latest pandemic? I’m going to take it with a grain of salt and do what I normally do, which is to wash my hands for at least 20 seconds before each meal, keep my hands away from my face and eyes in between that, drink plenty of fresh water throughout the day, and pop an occasional garlic tablet (nature’s antibiotic!).

If I feel any of the symptoms of the Flu coming on, which include high fever, coughs, runny nose, sore throat, joint aches, severe headache, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and/or loss of appetite, I’ll drink even more liquids, get lots of sleep, pop some natural vitamin supplements (especially vitamin D), and increase my regular consumption of fresh citrus fruits.

As far as taking a Swine Flu vaccination? No way! I’ll take my chances with mother nature’s remedies! At least she doesn’t have any ulterior motives like profit margins and the safety record for her remedies are much, much better than any man-made hastily concocted drug company cure!

What’s YOUR take on this latest pandemic and how are you planning on dealing with it?

BTW: Although the author of the article whose link follows does profit from selling natural supplements, I still believe there is much truth in what he has to say. I would strongly suggest that you check it out for yourself: The Swine Flu Pandemic-Fact or Fiction?


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