DrumBeat News Vol 10 No 4: Tribute To Joe Morello

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Click the link that follows for Tiger Bill’s Tribute to Joe Morello
description=”Tribute to Joe Morello”

Click this link for the music for the above exercises.

Much More Than A Drum Instructor
Welcome back! We lost Joe Morello last month. He was only 82. Far too young to go!

I first met Joe when I became his student, back in December of 1970. It was Joe who nicknamed me Tiger. The relationship between a drum instructor and a student who really click is a complex one and goes far beyond drumming. If you’re an instructor, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Over time instructors become much more to their students than simply a source of drumming information. They take on the role of doctor, psychiatrist, and sometimes even become what amounts to a second father. I never realized it myself until I started teaching regularly. Over the years students have come to me for advice ranging from college, career, health, and even personal relationships.

When a drum instructor passes away, you lose more than just a drum instructor. It’s like losing one of your family members.

So, this month, I offer a little tribute to Joe. Each week I studied with him he would give me a mimeographed (remember that?) page containing exercises that he had written. I used to tell him he should make a book out of them and, about 13 years later, he did. The book was called Master Studies.

Over the years Joe often came to my clinics and band performances and everytime he did, I would play an extended solo for him. I remember one time, in particular, I started the solo by playing some of the patterns right out of Master Studies. He said that when he heard them, he wanted to come up on stage and hug me! He truly enjoyed seeing the fruits of his efforts!

So I thought it would be a fitting tribute to take a page from Joe’s book and play it with some variations of my own. I know Joe would have gotten a charge out of it! Check out the video above and then click this link for a copy of the music so you can see exactly what I’m playing. And if you don’t yet have the book Master Studies, definitely pick up a copy and study it.

This year I’ll also be producing my DrumBeat Festival as a tribute to Joe and I’ll be having some awesome guests, so you won’t want to miss it! There will be an Online version this year too, so you’ll be able to enjoy it regardless of where you live.

This year’s Fest, which takes place in October, is the most ambitious one I’ve ever put together and YOU can be a part of it! Whether you own a music store or are a drum instructor or student at any age or experience level, you can play an active part in this year’s DrumBeat Fest! I’m working out all the specifics right now, so please stay tuned. Detailed info is coming in next month’s newsletter.

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I’ve got so much going on this year it’s totally insane but it’s a ton of fun so I’m not complaining!
I gotta go now…

Enjoy the rest of the newsletter.

Have fun, stay loose, and I’ll see you online!

What DrumHeads Are Saying…

Hi Tiger,

I just recently purchased your 2 volume DVD set on Tension Free Drumming. It’s been really informative and in some aspects revelatory.

I will say that I’ve already noticed a difference in my playing and I’m sure that with more practice over time that the difference will be huge. I’m really glad to have found you – it’s difficult to find people that are definitive in what they teach.

Best regards,
Ron Enros

(Note: Above quote used with permission.)

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